POSSIBILITIES FOR RENTING A SPACE  (regulated with additional agreement)

The Macedonian Opera and Ballet has a total space, useful area of 28,956 m2 as follows:

  • Big stage

Auditorium with 811 seats

  • Small stage 15х15х24.5 mobile auditorium with 200 seats
  • Lobby – 900 m2

Our institution offers high organizational and technical possibilities as well as space for different types of events depending on the needs of our clients. (This offer is regulated with additional agreement).


EXCLUSIVE AD SPACE OFFER (regulated with additional agreement)


Wall posters

  • technical specifications: 2 vertical modules

Frame: aluminium frame, non-reflecting glass, poster printed on special paper



  • Wardrobe
  • Branding of pendants
  • From part of the lobby
  • Placement of mobile banner
  • Presentational stand
  • Inner lobby
  • Placement of mobile banner
  • Presentational stand




MOB offers wide range of programmes for the corporative sponsors including seasonal sponsorships, short-term sponsorships of festivals or individual productions. There are more options available which differentiate through different level of sponsorships.  MOB employees shall gladly work with you in order to adjust your sponsorship in packages and to meet your specific needs as sponsor, general sponsor and exclusive sponsor.


Current season

The current season of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet is one of the cornerstones of this house programme offer. The sponsorship enabled CONNECTIVITY with impressive series of dramatic musical theatre hits, new works and international representations. The programme is comprised of opera and ballet acts which are simply nurtured on MOB stage.

MOB provides possibilities for significant yearlong sponsorships and distinguished visibility including connectivity with magnificent popular titles. (This offer is regulated with additional agreement).



The international artistic festival May Opera Evenings is used as a platform for presentation of the achievements of this stage and musical offer worldwide. The festival offers intensive presentation of specialized segment of the market from the corporative sponsor’s offer and involvement in big marketing visibility. (This offer is regulated with additional agreement).


Special events and gala nights

Gala night events (solo concerts, vocal and instrumental performances) performed by the entire composition of MOB Orchestra and Chorus but also through smaller chamber compositions. The choice depends from MOB programme offer.   “Traditional gala concert on the occasion of Valica”, each year performed on January 12, is an event which attracts large media coverage and interest of the audience.(This offer is regulated with additional agreement).




A sponsor of MOB may have the following rights and benefits according to the level of support. We are more than happy to work with each and every sponsor in order adequate sponsorship package to be developed which will correspond with your business objectives.



  • Category of exclusivity in the social surrounding
  • Inclusion in the media and advertising campaigns, logo presentation
  • Usage of the logo and its acknowledgement on the spot
  • Usage of the logo with link to the corporative station on MOB web-site



  • Free tickets for sponsored events
  • Invitation for exclusive premiers and other special events, evenings with artists
  • Possibility for hosting your own corporative event using MOB space


Tax reliefs

The Macedonian Opera and Ballet is a public institution which conducts activities of public interest in the area of culture. For each and every corporative support there is tax relief for the sponsor such profit tax where the amount of the sponsorship provided in the current year according to the provisions of the Law on Sponsorships and Donations is recognized as expenditure in the tax balance to the amount of 3% of the total income.


The role of a friend to the well-known cultural institution in the Republic of Macedonia makes us proud, virtuous and optimists that the investment for improving the permanent values presents an investment in the future for everyone.

We believe that is very important and preferential to nurture the culture of humanity, support and incentive within the company, as well as outside, in the society in which we live and for which we build.

That is why we are here, to offer a hand and to provide unbelievable cultural experience.

Eurolink Insurance, friend of the cultural values!